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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Once More with Feeling

I'm a serial blogger. I love to start new blog, pick a layout, write a few posts, and then abandon it. It's not that I have trouble commiting, it's just that I always feel like I have to have something to say before I actually inflict it on the general public. Recently though, I've realized how much satisfaction I'm getting from reading the mundane thoughts of girls like me: knocked up girls, new parents, employed people, wives, and friends. I finally decided to make one more fresh start. Maybe someone will get a kick out of finding out that there's nothing new under the sun, just like I have.

Why "The Orion Nebula"? Because "Orion Nebula" without the "The" was already taken, although I bet that didn't really answer the question. Currently, I consider myself to be The Orion Nebula, since at the moment I'm huge at celestial porportions and I'm a "stellar nursery", natch! Geez, fine, I'll just tell you. At this very moment I'm 33 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and we'll be naming him Orion. Since everything in my life is already swirling around him, The Orion Nebula seemed about right.

This is my first trip to the third trimester, but by no means my first pregnancy. I'm one of those girls whose medical chart shows an obscenely high number in the "Gravid" field, and a big fat goose egg in the "Births" field. It also kills me that said chart lists these failures as "Abortions". Even though it does go on to clarify them as "Spontaneous", as if I was just driving by the clinic and thought I'd stop in for shits and giggles. No, every one of those babies was very much wanted and is only not with us today becuase of, evidently, the want of baby aspirin. Seriously. The only thing I did differently with this pregnancy (aside from be about 40 pounds lighter) that I never did before was take one single baby aspirin every day for the first trimester. Go figure.

However, I don't intend for this blog to be about miscarriage. While I'll always remember those lost opportunities and feel a kinship with other women who have experienced pregnancy loss, I feel like I've graduated from that emotional place. Even though in the back of my mind I know that I'm not out of the woods until I'm holding Orion in my arms, I know that this time is different. Even if it all goes to crap now, it will be so much worse than before. If all is well, it will be the most amazing thing that's ever happened.

So, lets take a step forward and have us a baby!

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