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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just caught myself contemplating some of my life's deepest questions. Today, we're talking about...Lazytown.

1. Why is it called Lazytown? Are they saying that the fat kid and the video game guy are lazy? I pick up on nerdy, but not lazy.
2. Why are the girl, Sportacus, and the bad guy regular people but everyone else is a puppet?
3. Is Sportacus' accent fake?
4. When will they air the Mothers Day special that's just 30 minutes of Sportscus doing pushups shirtless? Seriously, that guy's triceps are delicious.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Because all the townspeople were totally lazy until Sportacus arrived.

2. No idea. I posit that they are trying to mess with our heads.

3. No - he's Icelandic. Very much a real accent. Lovely isn't it?

4. Hopefully soon.

Hi - I'm Anji, my son is also called Orion so when I saw you comment at All & Sundry about your Orion I had to come and say hello. And then I find you also have a crush on Sportacus. Hi there, mamatwin! ;)