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Friday, November 28, 2008

The easy way out

I've been toying with this Ferber idea for a long time.

I haven't done Ferber yet, because:
1. I knew how to get Orion to go to sleep. Oh sure, it required snuggling into bed with him, giving him a bottle, putting on the white noise machine, and singing the same two songs over and over again until he fell asleep then dozing off myself waiting for him to go floppy enough to be moved to the crib. But, you know, I could get him to sleep.
2. He slept a 5 hour stretch every night. Sure, it was the five hours between 8pm and 1am and therefore utterly uselss to my own sleep needs. But everything I read called that the minimum threshold to be considered "sleeping through the night". Yeah, maybe he was sleeping through the night in some time zone, but not mine.
3. Doombot insisted that he stay in our room. Try letting a baby cry for 10 minutes before attending to him when you're sitting in the same damn room.

I'm doing Ferber now, because:
1. My mom is in town and has offered to do it for me. Sigh.

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