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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Nine Month Miracle

I see that I made my last post here on 1/13. That means that I have never recorded the second most miraculous event in recent memory.

On January the Fourteenth, in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine...

Orion Vick Slept through the night.

At first I thought it was probably a fluke. But no! He's actually done it again and again and again. In fact, since he proved that he can do it there have only been two nights when he's needed any attention overnight. The new routine is that he gets a bottle and goes to sleep at 7pm, fusses a little and needs to be resettled by about 8pm. That is all we hear from him until his happy babbling through the monitor wakes us up at 7:30am.

Also new since the last update: crawling and pulling up. I didn't realize that he could pull up until I looked over while I was cleaning and saw him chewing on the rail of his Pack N Play. I'm a little nervous. This means walking is next, right?

This afternoon marked another milestone. For the first time ever, we ordered Orion his own meal at the deli. He got a grilled cheese sandwich and ate it like a good boy. Well, he ate some of it. He probably dropped about a third of it on the ground.

Overall, we have such a big boy that its freaking us out to no end. As Dannon put it, this time last year I couldn't walk becaue I was so uncomfortably pregnant and now we have a child who sleeps through the night and eats food.


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