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Monday, June 30, 2008

Stop Hitting Yourself!

Sometime in the last week Orion has discovered that he has limbs. So now, like any kid with a new toy, he wants to play with them non-stop.

Of course, there's the regular squirming, kicking, and arm waving. We had to run out and get him one of those floor gym thingees on the fly Saturday because the poor guy needed something to make him look like the spastic movements had a purpose. You would have thought he'd won the Nobel Prize or lifted the Stanley Cup with how proud I was when he managed to bonk the ball hanging from the plastic kitten to make the music play.

However my favorite new maneuver by far, is the Reverse Kung Fu Chop. Out of nowhere, his little baby brain will send an impulse to his little baby right arm which has heretofore been hanging limply to his side. This causes he right arm tosnap indescriminately into the air with all the force his little Micheline Man bicep can muster. Without fail, this results in him smacking himself in the forehead. I'll have to get a video up, because that' shit is awesome.

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